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Need Your Commercial Bins Cleaned?

Need Your Commercial Bins Cleaned?

The first impression is everything! Don’t let your commercial bins ruin it for your customers and employees. Using a self-contained cleaning and water recovery system, we provide a monthly on-site service that will cleanse, sanitise, & deodorise the dirtiest part of your business- the wheelie bins.

☑ Hospitals

Country Clubs

Care Homes
Shopping Centres & Supermarkets

Do The Bin Need Cleaning?

Regular wheelie bin cleaning is an essential service to all who want to demonstrate a commitment to health and hygiene best practices. All bins require regular cleaning to avoid them becoming a serious health hazard. With our commercial wheelie bin cleaning service, we promise to keep the problems away and make businesses across the South West fresher and cleaner

  • Safer & Cleaner Work Environment

  • Prevents Bacteria (eg. E-coli & Salmonella).

  • Prevents Insects, Flies and Vermin

  • Improves the presentation of your business

  • Meet Local Water Regulations

  • Save’s Water

The Area’s We Service.

Bin Butler proudly offers premier commercial wheelie bin cleaning services to businesses across the picturesque counties of Wiltshire, Somerset, Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES), Dorset, Devon, and Gloucestershire. Whether your establishment is nestled in the rolling hills of Somerset, the charming villages of Wiltshire, or the coastal towns of Dorset, we’ve got you covered.

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring that your commercial bins are kept impeccably clean, sanitised, and odour-free, no matter where you are in the South West. From the bustling city of Bristol to the tranquil landscapes of Devon, Bin Butler is here to exceed your expectations with our reliable and efficient service. Trust us to provide tailored commercial wheelie bin cleaning solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business across the South West of England.

Trusted Accreditations: Ensuring Excellence in Commercial Bin Cleaning..

At Bin Butler, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and professionalism. Our dedication to providing top-tier commercial bin cleaning services is backed by a range of esteemed accreditations and approved regulating bodies. We have undergone rigorous assessments and earned approvals from industry-leading organisations, showcasing our adherence to the highest standards in wheelie bin cleaning.

What We Do

Our Service Areas

In addition to our commercial wheelie bin clean service, we are proud to offer our other services to your business.

Bin Cleaning

Services provided by Bin Butler ensure that client’s bins are kept clean and smell fresh all year round

Bin Chute Maintenance

Our bin chute cleaning and maintenance services keep the bin chutes clean and fire safety compliant throughout the year.

Bin Storage Audit

Not sure which bins are on site? Need to know the stats? We can provide full bin store audits.

Bin Area Cleaning

These areas often neglected but are a breeding ground for the same bacterial build up and pest infestation as the bins themselves.

trusted commercial bin cleaning experts..

Lots of local & national businesses trust Bin Butler with their bin cleaning requirements, we are professional service providers! Here are just a few companies who trust us to deliver our top bin cleaning service every time we visit.

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They come in all shapes and sizes, but we mainly come across four. Regardless of size, Bin Butler cleans them on-site where they stand. There is no mess and no fuss. We provide a reliable, highly effective service at an affordable price. A big plus is that the cleaning process is environmentally safe.


Your monthly cost is dependent on bin size, regularity of service, accessibility, the number of bins at one location and the type of industrial application.

120/180/240L*£7.00  to  £10.00£10.00  to  £19.50
660L*£10.00  to  £13.50£13.50  to  £27.50
1100L*£13.00  to  £37.50£20.50  to  £47.50
* Prices depend on the type of use and condition of the bin on arrival.


Are Ready to receive a customised quote for your commercial bin cleaning needs? Take the first step by using our Quick Quote tool! Simply provide your details, and we’ll promptly send you a quote via email. Additionally, our friendly team may reach out to you to gather any necessary details to ensure we recommend the most suitable service for your requirements. Trust us to deliver a thorough sanitation solution tailored to your specific needs.