New Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service for Bath & North East Somerset.

Due for launch September 2021

When’s The Last Time You Thought About Cleaning Your Wheelie Bin?

Face it, you never clean your wheelie or food waste bin. In fact, you hold your breath every time you open the lid. Well, It’s time to change that!

Say goodbye to your stinky, smelly bins and say hello to Bin Butler, Your wheelie friendly bin cleaning service!

Bin Butler is a curbside wheelie bin cleaning service that comes to your house to cleanse, sanitise, and deodorise your wheelie bins or your waste collection day! No more bacteria, No more smell bins!

Our Service

Why This Is So Important

Now, more than ever during this pandemic, disinfecting and sanitizing matters for your family. Waste, food & recycle bins are smelly, dirty, and messy breeding grounds for viruses, bacteria, and maggots. Without proper sanitation, these problems can only get worse.

Cleaning your own trash can is a most unpleasant experience. Using just cold water from your garden hose may not adequately sanitize your bins and trying to do it yourself, could lead to significant water runoff which could be harmful to your neighbourhood and environment.

What We Do….

With state of the art and eco-friendly technology, we come to your house and clean your bins. After making sure that there is no loose debris, your bins are hydraulically lifted into a hopper.  With ZERO harsh chemicals, your wheelie bins are deep cleaned using high pressure, spinning heads and our very own blend of Bin Bubbles.  After our equipment completes this cycle, we return your bins to the curb where they are deodorized and returned to your home.

The wastewater from our eco-friendly process is self-contained and disposed of safely and properly at approved facilities. We are Wessex Water & The Environments Agency Approved.

How the schedule works…

We offer our cleans every 2, or 4 weeks, and for your convenience, we perform this service on the same day that your general waste bins (black bins) are picked up. We’ll drop you a text the day before your service, just leave your bin out and well return it to your home after the service. We’ll return each month according to your selected service and keep your bins smelly fresh and clear forever.

Your bins are clean. No mess left behind.

Your bins are left sanitized, disinfected and deodorized using a self-contained cleaning system. Your bins will thank you…and so will your nose. Because the dirtiest part of your property just got a lot cleaner.

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We cant wait to keep your bins clean & fresh.